Zoombinis Island Odyssey

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A Heroic Trek of Math, Logic, and Science!

Now with Science!


Return to Zoombini Isle in Another Puzzling Odyssey!

Life continued to be good for the Zoombinis. That is, until they received word about the homeland they had left behind. The dastardly Bloats had destroyed the natural habitat and then evacuated, leaving the Zerbles and other wildlife struggling for survival. Build important logical-reasoning skills and explore scientific concepts as you restore Zoombini Isle to its original splendor and ensure the survival of the wild Zerbles.

o 7 Perilous Puzzles
o 3 Levels of Challenge
o Practice Mode
o Helpful Puzzle Clues
o Parent's Guide
o Puzzle Reformulation: A new game each adventure!

o Collecting Data
o Data Analysis
o Decoding Complex Processes
o Graphing and Mapping
o Logical Reasoning
o Modular Arithmetic
o Pattern Finding
o Problem Solving
o Theory Formulation and Testing

o Astronomy
o Mechanics
o Cryptography
o Ecology
o Genetics
o Life Cycles

Vault the Zoombinis onto the towering cliffs by studying the gear ratios.

Create Zerbles genetically adapted for survival.

Ensure caterpillar metamorphosis by combining astronomy with modular arithmetic.

Deduce how to feed each type of Zerble by using Venn diagrams.

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium® 200 MHz or faster
32 MB free RAM
80 MB free hard disk space