About Us

About Selectsoft

Selectsoft® is a leading PC publisher and developer of family-friendly games and software featuring educational, reference, language, education and productivity. We offer our products as Downloads and shippable CD-ROM/DVD-ROM formats. We're one of the largest independent publishers of licensed software from top name brands and also own a huge library of our homegrown and owned brands including: AdrenalRUSH Games, AdventurePlay, Arc Media, Casual Arcade, Dreamsavers, Funworkz, Gamesoft, Just for Her, Livescapes, PlayPets, Print Bonanza!, Quickstart Languages, Quickstart, Quicktrax, Schooltown, SelectGuard, Selectsoft Games, Speak & Learn, Speedstudy, StockClips, Superstart, Teaching Ink, Travel Talk, World Tours. For over 25 years, Selectsoft has been dedicated to providing affordable, fun entertainment for the whole family!

Founded in 2001, Selectsoft is a division of MPS Multimedia, Inc. has been in the consumer software business since the very start of the interactive CD-ROM revolution in 1992. As a veteran in this industry, you can trust that Selectsoft indeed “selects the best of software.”

SELECTSOFT® and SELECTSOFT PUBLISHING® are registered trademarks of MPS Multimedia Inc. (USPTO registered #s 4477820 & 3934342).

Selectsoft Core Values

These core values represent who we are as a company:

  • Adaptability. We’re a different kind of content company, a new hybrid of a developer-publisher. We can adapt quickly to a changing marketplace to provide the best customer experience.
  • Consistent content. We’re big on content ownership, so our apps always have a consistent user experience.
  • Value and selection. Our emphasis on apps for consumers lets us stay focused on delivering the greatest value, best selection and most complete experience with our apps.
  • A “family-friendly experience.” Whether it’s educational apps to learn, lifestyle apps to enhance or friendly fun with casual games...you can trust Selectsoft to be the “family friendly app company.”