Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?®

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AGES: 8-12

#1 Geography Software More than 120 awards and accolades!

Uncover the Stolen Treasures of Knowledge™

The infamous Carmen Sandiego is at it again. This time she's run off with a rare and valuable edition of the "Travels of Marco Polo." Worth millions! And this is just one of many historic heists that'll have you hopping the globe. Expand your world geography skills. Ignite your critical thinking and decision-making talents. Match wits with the elusive Carmen Sandiego as you recover the stolen treasures of knowledge!

Explore the World -- Chase Carmen from country to country, as you gather valuable geographic and cultural knowledge.

Discover Intriguing New Places -- Immerse yourself in different cultures as you learn about countries around the world.

Decipher Secret Codes -- Solve puzzles and unlock secret codes to complete each mission and retrieve the stolen items!

Improve your skills in:
o Social Studies
o Geography
o History
o Map Reading
o Deductive Reasoning
o Reading
o Following Directions
o Data Collection
o Database Research

Expand your knowledge of:
o World Geography
o Landmarks
o Diverse Cultures
o Key facts on 50 countries around the world!

Packed with Special Features
o Challenging world missions
o Multiple puzzles and mind teasers in countries around the world
o 15 amazing high-tech virtual gadgets
o Talking translator with phrases from 13 different countries
o Replayable adventure provides endless hours of fun

Windows® 7 (32-Bit Only)