Vietnam Med Evac

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Are you ready to see some action?

When a Marine is stranded in the midst of enemy territory, the choppers are his last hope! As a pilot on a Huey transport and rescue helicopter, your most important mission is to bring the lost and the wounded back to safety. Perform daring rescues while under heavy fire, and experience the war close-up as soldiers battle in the jungle. The casualties of war may seem endless, but you can make the difference!

o 100 missions with historically-based timeline
o Detailed UH1 "Huey" helicopter model
o 2 flight modes
o Radio communication and command control interface
o Realistic physics engine and visual effects
o Layered sound effects
o 10 detailed flight areas
o High quality textures and environment effects
o Campaign difficulty based on rank
o Extra equipment includes movable spotlight and onboard machine gun

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium III 500 MHz or faster processor
1 GB free hard disk space
16 MB video card
DirectX® 8.1 or later