Travel the World with Timmy! Deluxe

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Explore Lands & Languages While Building School Skills

Ages 4–7 Years

Timmy introduces young learners to the cultures of Argentina, France, Japan, Kenya, and Russia. Gain an appreciation for cultural diversity through number and word activities, stories, songs, games, and crafts. Build skills in early reading and listening, numbers, logic, problem solving, memory and observation, and creativity.

Sing Along with Native Songs: -- Sing traditional songs in Spanish, Japanese, Swahili, French, and Russian.

Write Stories About Timmy and His Friends: -- Choose characters, settings, and actions, then hear your stories read aloud in English or another language; or print them as books.

Discover Culture through Arts & Crafts: -- Learn interesting facts about the people, places, and animals of other countries as you paint and decorate cultural artwork.

Understand Numbers & Quantities: -- Add people, animals, buildings, and everyday items to create villages. Learn new foreign words too!

Play Problem-Solving Games: -- Follow directions and use logic as you play games from Argentina, Kenya, and France.

Talking Picture Dictionary: -- Look up words in Japanese, Swahili, Spanish, Russian, or French. Click on Timmy to translate words into English.

o Early Math
o Pre-Reading
o Games
o Arts & Crafts
o Introduction to Foreign Languages

Windows® 10, 8, 7