Thinkin' Things Sky Island Mysteries

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Solve Mysteries and Bring Order Back to the Sky Islands!

Break out your logic, prioritization and decision-making skills—you’ll find hundreds of zany and absorbing challenges at the Sky Islands! The more problems you complete, the more clues you pick up for the mysteries. Then zip on over to Clue Central and help Detective Joe Cluestoe and his sidekick, Spike, identify who’s behind each daring deed.

Ages 8-12

• Clue Central:
Examine your clues for hints about each perpetrator, then apply search criteria to a file of 3,000 suspects. Was the scoundrel who stole the Orange River someone who likes kumquats? Only you can solve the mystery!

• Airshow Island:
Make multiple planes do loops, dives and rolls. Help them land before their fuel tanks run dry. Only careful planning gets each show off the ground! Stadium Island: Can you add, move, and rearrange Fripples so they work together in the grandstands? Order must prevail or confusion erupts!

• Rebus Island:
Experiment with language backwards, forwards and upside down! Can you decode riddles, fun facts and phrases made only with sounds, pictures, and animated mini-movies?

Look What’s Waiting at the Sky Islands
• 14 intriguing mysteries
• 4 islands full of interesting challenges
• 3000 suspects to investigate
• Dozens of skill levels—you control how hard you want to think
• 3 modes of play: Q&A, exploration & challenge

Windows® 8, 7