Thinkin' Things Collection 3

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Challenge students to develop logical reasoning, analyze and synthesize information, and build key problem-solving skills. With Thinkin' Things students build thinking skills they can use wherever they are, in anything they do.

Ages 7-13

Special features include helpful hint buttons, which provide encouragement and direction and as students succeed, Grow Slides automatically advance the level of difficulty.

Learning Opportunities
• Strengthen Deductive and Inductive Reasoning
• Analyze and Synthesize Information
• Examine and Interpret Evidence
• Build Early Computer Programming Skills
• Predict a Series of Outcomes
• Identify Relevant Information
• Explore Gravity, Friction, Motion and Inertia
• Interpret and Test Rules

• Assess, Deduce, & Trade
With Stocktopus as your broker, exchange items with traders from around the world. Make the trade sequences required to achieve your "portfolio" goals. Next step: Wall Street!

• Strengthen Deductive Reasoning
Put on your detective cap and solve the Case of the Empty Fripple House. The Fripples can't move in until you read the clues in each room, synthesize the information and determine where each Fripple belongs.

• Carving BLOX
Enter a world where balls roll and collide on virtual metal that you shape and drill. Send balls up inclines, through grooves and down holes as you experiment with friction, motion and inertia.

• Build Programming Skills
It's football season, and it's up to you to create the half-time show! Develop beginning computer programming skills as you link command tiles and control moving formations of marching bands, football players, and cheerleaders.

Windows® 10, 8, 7