The Yukon Trail

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Ages 10-16

From the makers of The Oregon Trail

Discover the history of the Klondike Gold Rush!

July 1897. The United States was in the throes of a depression, and people were beginning to lose hope. Then, from out of the North, came astonishing news: GOLD! The rush was on, as tens of thousands of people caught gold fever and set out for the remote Yukon area of northwest Canada.

Join the Rush
The Yukon Trail begins on the wharf in Seattle, Washington, the jumping-off point for thousands of stampeders. If youÕre smart, persistent, and just a little lucky, youÕll make it to Dawson City, headquarters of the gold rush. There you can set out on your own to dig for gold.

Choose Your Course
Along the way, all kinds of people will want to give you advice. But be careful who you listen to! Some people have valuable advice. Others donÕt know what theyÕre talking about. And still others are trying to cheat you.

Learn History Firsthand
Meet actual historical figures as well as fictional characters that represent the types of people you might have encountered.

Record Your Journey
A travel journal lets you record details of your adventure whenever you want. The program also makes some entries automatically.

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