Texas Hold'em 3D Championship (Download)

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Real 3D Card & Chip Animations

The Best Texas Hold'em Game Ever!

The favorite of all poker games, Texas Hold'em has taken the world by storm! Nearly everyone has seen exciting poker competitions on TV! We've set out to create that excitement with one of the BEST Texas Hold'em games ever! Not those "sliced-out" poker games from previous casino games you been seeingÑTexas Hold'em 3D XP Championship offers incredible and unique features never seen before!

Play in Real 3D!
Choose your desired angle and zoom and tilt in real time! Zoom in close to stare at your opponents! Zoom in on the flop!

Unlimited Poker Table Combos
Bored with the same old poker table? No longer! Choose from various table textures combined with an unlimited palette of colors to create your perfect poker table!

Choose from 75+ Poker Opponents!
Play against 75+ challenging and interesting poker players, each with their unique styles of play! Choose the players YOU want to play against! Or, have the program randomly pick for you. It's that easy!

Customized Skill Levels
Tired of playing against pre-set AI computer players that fold when you bet? Now you can change the play of poker opponents and adjust the attitude levels of Optimism, Aggression, and Risk! Or, let the computer randomly choose. The number of possible combinations of players is nearly unlimited!

Learn to Play Better Poker!
Should you bet? Hold out for the straight? Go after the flush draw? Wait for the boat? Now you can see the odds of improving your hand with this unique feature!

Tournament Texas Hold'em
Play in a realistic simulated poker tournament like the ones you've seen on TV! Do you have what it takes to go ALL-IN? This is your chance to win that HUGE pot, in a winner-take all tournament!

All In to Win the Big Pot?
Texas Hold'em 3D XP Championship redefines the way "hold'em" should be played on your PC! Tired of seeing those old "sliced-out" poker games from previously-released full version casino games? Your search is over! We've set out to create this Texas Hold'em game from scratch to make this the BEST ever! This game offers incredible and unique features never seen before, making the experience more realistic and FUN!

Key Features
o 640 Tourney Players
o 75+ Poker Characters
o 50+ Card Backs
o 10 Player Poker Table
o Unlimited Table Combos
o Customized Skill Levels
o Customize AI of Players
o Play in Real 3D
o Tournament Play
o Poker Hand Odds
o Large & Small Cards
o Cheat Modes!: See Players' Cards and See Folded Hands
o No Limit, Tournament & More!
o Zoom In & Out
o Tilt Up & Down
o Realistic card and chip animations give you a sense of a REAL poker game!

Download Size: 6.7 MB

Windows® 10, 8, 7
CPU with SSE: Intel Pentium III, Celeron, AMD AthlonXP, or higher
128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
100 MB free hard disk space
32 MB 3D hardware accelerated video card with DirectX¨ 9.0c support (64 MB ATI or nVidia Video card recommended)
DirectX 9-compatible sound card and speakers