Sudoku Mania! (Download)

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"It's a global sensation!" ...USA Today, July 11 2005


The hottest craze to sweep the globe—Sudoku! This is the incredibly addicting numbers puzzle game you've heard all about! Everyone is hooked! A game of logic and reasoning with no math skills required. Simple to learn, yet a lifetime to master!

"So, do you Sudoku? It's the hot"
—New York Post, April 6 2005

"It's Sudoku—a...crossword without words that has consumed the country."
—AP, May 24 2005

"The...appeal of Sudoku will make it last's very easy to get hooked."
—Will Shortz, Crossword Editor of The New York Times
Fortune, Oct 17th 2005

Key Features
o Auto-Generate Unlimited New Puzzles
o 5 Game Modes (Easy, Difficult & More!)
o Quick & Intuitive Number Entry
o Pencil Notes (or Hints)
o Pencil Line Tool
o Hints & Auto-Solver
o Timer Challenge
o Print Puzzles
o 4 difficulty levels
o Intuitive number entry

Download Size: 18.7 MB

Windows® 10, 8, 7
DirectX® compatible video card
Pentium III 500 MHz processor
185 MB free hard disk space