Starflyers Royal Jewel Rescue

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Adventure No. 1

Ages 5-8

Build Critical-thinking Skills in a Planet hopping Adventure!

Uh-oh! Mom's jewelry is lost.

Explore wacky planets. Solve puzzles to find the Royal Jewels. Use quick-thinking and logical-reasoning skills to uncover clues and earn valuable galaxy seeds. Reward yourself by trading galaxy seeds for astro-prizesÑfun animations and printable activities. The citizens of Planet Pop-A-Lot are counting on you in this smart, fun-packed adventure.

In the Real World
Katherine Cadell starts a super terrific morning. But Crash! Kerbang! Yikes! Calamity strikes. MomÕs jewelry flies everywhere!

The Fantasy World
The Royal Jewels are gone! StarFlyers to the rescue! Solve puzzles to rescue them so Princess Popcorn can be crowned Queen! .

Fly the SnoozeCruiser
Collect tools and valuable galaxy seeds. Stow them in the dashboard, and trade your galaxy seeds for prizes at the Astro-Prize Center!

o 8 brain-tickling games
o 12 printable activities
o 3 levels of challenge
o Kid-friendly help movies
o Smart arcade-style fun to enjoy again and again!
o Feel the Adventure with an Immersion® TouchSense™–enabled mouse.† (mouse not included)

o Critical thinking and problem solving
o Hypothesis formulation and testing
o Spatial reasoning
o Memory and sequencing
o Creativity

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium® 166 MHz or faster
100 MB free hard disk space