Spy Masters Max Strikes Back

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Stop Max and Save the World!

Ages 7-11

Stop Max and Save the World!

It's up to YOU to thwart the tricky Max Masters and his army of robots! Assume an undercover alias, then plunge into the fray, earning spy gear with every mission you complete. Stopping this mastermind is going to take all of your wits--after all, the key to any intelligence operation is intelligence, right?

o Create your own unique alias, then use that "cover" across all Spy Masters games in the series!
o Use your cutting-edge gadgets to stop Max in his tracks--and his robotic minions, too!
o Uncover awesome 3D worlds as you journey through an eerie pirate ship, a submerged secret lab, and beyond.
o Take your spy gear with you through every game in the series!
o Set your spy assignment level from 3rd to 4th to 5th grade and beyond! The key to this mission is knowing about Science, Logic, Math and Language Arts.

Claim Your Spy Gear!
o Hover Board
o Ultra Power Vest
o Aqua Suit
o Launcher
o Cyber Visor
o Robo Sensor
o Advanced Cloaking Belt

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium® 266 MHz or higher
128 MB RAM
100 MB free hard disk space