Spider Solitaire Gold

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Step into the spider's web!

Spider Solitaire Gold offers a dozen of the most popular Spider variations in the world, including Classic Spider, Scorpion, Spiderette, Spider Cells, Beetle, Scarab, Simple Simon, Will o' the Wisp, Galaxy Spider, Full Moon Spider and more! So clear out the cobwebs...you'll need all your wits to squash these bugs!

* 12 of the most popular Spider Solitaires
* Classic and Turbo game modes
* Detailed rules for every game
* Unlimited undo
* Beautiful animated and classic card sets
* High scores list

Windows® 10, 8, 7
266 MHz processor or faster
64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
30 MB free hard disk space
16 MB 3D video card
DirectX 8.1 or better