Speedstudy U.S. History

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Speed your way to social studies success!

Ages 13 and up

Build social studies skills fast!
Speedstudy U.S. History offers self-paced, interactive, and stimulating tutorials to give students a solid educational foundation in the key ideas and eras of American history.

Boost grades and test scores
Using animations, quizzes, challenge activities, journal topics and more, Speedstudy U.S. History gives users the tools they need to understand historical concepts.

Take the stress out of high school history
Covering from the early settlements through the Internet age, the curriculum-based lessons have been designed by educators to help students practice critical thinking skills in an engaging learning environment.

Topics include:
* Colonization
* Settlement
* Nation-Building
* Expansion
* The Civil War
* Industrialization
* Modern America
* World War II
* Postwar Society
* The Contemporary U.S.
* Over 100 engaging lessons
* 500+ exercises and activities
* 20 skill-building animations
* 250+ interactive quiz questions
* Searchable database with 500+ key terms

Speed to Success!
* Improve grades and test scores
* Multimedia learning system makes even the toughest historical concepts come alive
* Great for new learners or students studying for college entrance exams

Windows® 10, 8, 7
266 MHz processor or faster
64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
Printer recommended for printing lessons