Solitaire Twist Collection (Download)

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* 500+ Levels
* 3 Game Modes
* 5 Card Types

Looking for a new twist on regular solitaire? Solitaire Twist Collection combines the classic strategy of solitaire with wild layouts, fun power-ups and stunning visuals! Match pairs to clear the board and reveal hidden cards one-by-one. Three special power-ups can help you out of sticky situations, but you'll still need clever strategy if you want to finish fast. Play in levels mode to rack up points and top the leaderboard, or choose your game for a more relaxed approach. With over 500 maps, 5 types of cards, 5 backgrounds and 3 game modes, Solitaire Twist will throw you for a loop!

* 501 unique levels
* 3 game modes
* 3 useful power-ups (reshuffle, turnover and reserve)
* 5 backgrounds
* 5 types of card faces, including low-vision
* 5 types of card backs
* Incredible space-themed graphics

Download Size: 27 MB

Windows® 10, 8, 7
233 MHz or faster processor (300 MHz recommended)
64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
60 MB free hard disk spac
DirectX® 9 or higher