Sammy's Science House

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In five fascinating activities students build early science skills and practice important scientific processes. Students also expand their science vocabulary as they learn about plants, animals, seasons, and weather. Special features include graphical and spoken instructions, questions, and feedback, which allow students to work independently and enhance comprehension, and a Field Notebook from which students can print creations and pages.

Ages 3-7

Learning Opportunities
• Discriminate Attributes
• Construct Objects
• Follow Patterns
• Manipulate Weather Variables
• Investigate Animal Habitats
• Observe Seasonal Changes
• Explore Classifications
• Name Plants, Animals, Rocks and Fungi
• Build Logical Sequences

• Discover the Wonders of Nature
What do shrews eat? Why does a squirrel flick its tail? Visit Acorn Pond during winter, spring, summer, and fall to explore its fascinating wildlife.

• Make Your Own Weather!
Kids learn weather terms, experiment with temperature, wind, and precipitation, and see how different variables affect weather.

• Explore the Field Notebook
Kids find great sketches and fun facts about the animals of Acorn Pond. Printing pages allows kids to share their favorite animals with family and friends.

• Play with the Order of Things
Lights! Camera! Action! Kids learn about beginnings, middles, and ends and explore how things in nature change over time as they arrange frames of film in logical sequences to Make-A-Movie.

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