Reader Rabbit Personalized 1st Grade

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Ages 5-7

2 CDs

The Show Must Go On

Tonight's the premiere of Reader Rabbit's variety show, but all the stage supplies have disappeared! Can you recreate the set, scripts, props and costumes in time to save the show? Reader Rabbit Personalized 1st Grade is filled with fun activities to help your child learn reading, arithmetic, problem solving and more!

Personalized Software that Builds a Full Year of Preschool Skills!
With the Personalized Learning Center disc you can check each player's progresson any program that uses the Learning Company's A.D.A.P.T. Learning Technology.You can also print out workbooks activities and reward certificates that arecustomized for each individual player based on his or her progress information.Learn a full year of 1st Grade skills.

Get ready for the variety show!

Reader Rabbit Personalized 1st Grade features A.D.A.P.T. Learning Technology™—a dynamic system that continually adjusts the program to match your child’s growing abilities.

A. Assesses Abilities
D. Develop Skills
A. Adjusts Levels
P. Provides Help
T. Track Progress

Learning is always stimulating and never frustrating. A.D.A.P.T is the most effective way to build skills confidence and a life-long love of learning.

Skills Learned:
Reading Comprehension
Spelling & Phonics
Basic Mathematics
Addition & Subtraction
Counting Money
Simple Fractions
Days of the Week
Problem Solving
Measuring & Estimating
Identifying Emotions
Science & Ecology
Animal Traits
Creativity & Music

Product Features:
60 Interactive & Printable Activities
More than 90 Skills Covered
14 Sing-along Songs
Three Skill Levels
Automatic Help
Parent’s Progress Reports
Customized Workbooks & Rewards

Windows® 7 (32-Bit Only)