Reader Rabbit Kindergarten Bounce Down in Balloon Town!

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Ages 4-6

Rescue Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion from a bouncy world of bubble trouble! Their Dreamship is trapped in the enchanting world of Balloon Town, where everything is soft and bouncy and made of balloons. To get it back, find a way past the sleeping Bulldozer…and into the Pointy Palace! Only your special skills in phonics, matching, rhyming, and math can save the day!

Piggy Plane Math
Add the right number of balloons to each of the Piggy Plane’s wings so you can take off.

Make Some Music!
Listen to the same song played on different instruments. Or write your own music.

Silly Phonics Slide
Solve word puzzles get to the top of the building and slide back down with balloons!

Kids Learn
• Recognizing numbers • Counting objects • Adding • Creating equivalent equations • Solving math problems • Recognizing letters • Building vocabulary • Phonics skills • Rhyming words • Listening comprehension • Sequencing & sorting • Shapes & colors • Painting & coloring • Creating calendars • Creating music

Special Features
• Auto-adjusting skill levels
• Help is always available
• Printable activities

Windows® 10, 8, 7
• 166 MHz Pentium or faster
• 32 MB RAM
• 100 MB free hard disk space