DK: Rainbow Fish And the Whale

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Ages 3-7

A tender, amazing adventure based on Marcus Pfister's bestselling children's book

Rainbow Fish Helps the Blue Whale...

Rainbow Fish lived happily in the deep ocean, until one day, when the whale fell victim to a bad case of the hiccups and accidentally swallowed Rainbow Fish's friends. Before Rainbow Fish could do anything, the whale hiccuped again and swallowed him too. Now, Rainbow Fish is trapped inside the whale and needs help getting out. In this adventure, children will encounter interesting characters and experience challenging games...all with their favorite fish, Rainbow.

Bandadore and his followers are so furious to be trapped in the whale that they are holding the gentle Molo hostage! Can you free him?

The Seahorses are sad because the baby they are expecting is still asleep in its flower. Put your skills to the test and make the flower bloom.

o 2 levels of game play
o 2 different endings
o Increased playtime
o Numerous pre-school games perfectly integrated in the adventure
o A non-linear adventure
o A poetic and funny environment filled with friendly characters
o Humorous dialogs and songs
o A simple and intuitive interface

Windows® 10, 7
Pentium® 133 MHz or faster
30 MB hard drive space