Quickstart Photo Montage Studio

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Off to a Quickstart...And on to a Fast Finish!

Turn Your Photos into a Montage Masterpiece!

Transform your photos into professional-looking montages with Quickstart Photo Montage Studio! This unique software uses hundreds of mini-size photos as "tiles" to recreate your favorite digital photo into one great masterpiece. Turn memorable moments into priceless keepsakes, create montages to showcase your company's products or services, and more!

Creating Photo Montages Is as Easy as 1-2-3!

o Step 1: Choose the photo you wish to turn into a photo montage.
o Step 2: Choose the photos to be used as "tiles" in creating your montage.
o Step 3: Click on "Process"Ñand presto! You're finished!

1000+ Mini-Photos Included: -- Use the included library of tiling images, or compile your own personal library of mini-photos.

Customize Settings: -- Edit tile images to fine-tune your montage, set maximum match point percentage for the tiles, set transparency of montage in relation to original image, and control color balance and hue.

Custom Print Options: -- Print on several pages to make a huge poster, print wallet size, 4x6, and more!

Powerful Image Editing Features: -- Includes hundreds of tools and effects.

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium II 500 MHz (higher processor speeds will increase performance)
128 MB RAM minimum (256 MB for file sizes of 1-5 MB, 512 MB for file sizes larger than 5 MB)
84 MB free hard disk space