Quickstart Mail List Pro

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Mail Lists Made Easy

Instantly create mail labels with Quickstart Mail List Pro. This powerful and versatile software program allows you to produce professional mail list labels quickly and look like a pro!

Storing up to 32,000 names, the built-in Quickstart Database makes it easy to enter names from your keyboard or import them from another program. Once entered, you can quickly find the names you want, arrange them in any order and print mailing labels using the built-in label designer!

Tons of Features!
o Use Quickstart: Mail List Pro for all your mailing needs easily and efficiently with the Quickstart Database.
o Enter unique data.
o Sort data by fields using up to three different criteria.
o Quickly locate and view any record in the database.
o Filter the records viewed based on categories or any filter criteria you select.
o Quickly import and export data to virtually any other application.
o Split your database or merge it with other databases.
o Customize database with user designed fields.
o Use data in database for printing labels.
o Includes 500 Windows TrueType Fonts, 500 Mac TruetType Fonts.

Everything Is In This Package!!

Standard Label Templates and Fonts are all included inside this package! No more fussy "downloads" to deal with when all you really want to do is to get started and finish quickly. Just supply the paper, follow the 3 easy steps, and then print!

3 Easy steps with quickstart Mail list pro!

1. Create Record for Database
2. Choose Mail Label & Personalize
3. Print

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium® II 266 MHz or faster processor
64 MB memory
50 MB hard drive space
Printer and Paper