Panzer Killer!

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Roll through Europe during WWII

Engage in ferocious firefights!

As the Allied forces broke out of the Normandy beaches and the battle for France began, the American Sherman tank-crews quickly found out how inadequate their tanks were. They were drastically out-gunned and out-armored by the superior German tanks. On the positive side, the American tanks were faster, more maneuverable, and far more reliable. And the Allies had very effective artillery and total air superiority. Roll through Europe during WWII and engage in ferocious firefights with Germany's most notorious tanks, including Panzers, Tigers, and Panthers.

* Arcade-style shooter in historically accurate settings
* Easy-to-use controls
* Day and night fighting in different weather conditions
* Accurate characteristics for each tank and vehicle with realistic physics
* Drive Shermans, Pershings, half-tracks, and jeeps, as well as captured enemy tanks
* Call in air support to take out enemy targets
* Realistic battle sounds and special effects
* Exhilarating variety of missions and combat situations
* Different types of ammo with varying effects depending on the target
* Over 50 action-packed missions

ESRB: T for Teen

Windows® 10, 8, 7
1 GHz Pentium® processor or better
256 MB RAM
320 MB free hard disk space
DirectX®-compliant 32 MB video card
DirectX® 9.0c or higher