My MailList™ & AddressBook

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The Easiest Way to Organize Your Addresses and More

• Prints labels, envelopes, postcards, address books and more
• Works with Avery®, NEBS®, PaperDirect® and custom label sizes
• Sorts and filters your list
• Imports and directly opens database files
• NEW! Personalized email feature

Effectively Organize Your Mail Lists

Imports and directly opens your data from popular databases. Import your data from Microsoft® Excel, Access and Visual FoxPro®, Act™ and more. Makes entering new information easy and organized. Accepts international postal codes, countries and provinces.

Click and print. Built-in printouts make printing a snap! Select from hundreds of mailing and shipping labels, postcards and envelopes. Choose from brands such as Avery®, NEBS®, PaperDirect®, and more. Just click on a pre-defined printout. Or design your own customized labels and envelopes with fonts, colors, logos and other graphics.

Includes address and phone books. Create standard address and phone book pages in all the most popular formats, including Day-Timer®, FranklinCovey™ and FiloFax®. Over a hundred combinations of sizes, formats and types.

New! Personalized email feature. Highlight an important event or message by sending a personalized email to specific contacts or your entire email list with one click.

• Quick start data entry screen
• Imports and directly open database files
• Keeps contact records and scrolling notes
• Finds, categorizes, filters and indexes
• Eliminates duplicate records
• Quick Zip+4 look up
• Exports for mail merge
• Design your own printouts
• Multiple envelope and postcard sizes
• Prints U.S. Postal service certified POSTNET barcodes
• Thousands of clip art and photo images

Windows® 10, 8, 7
• Pentium 133 or higher
• 32 MB RAM
• 60 MB hard drive space
• Inkjet or laser printer