Mozart's Musical Adventure (Download)

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The Fun Way to Learn Classical Music!

Mozart's Musical Adventure

Learn & Recognize Famous Classical Music Pieces

Welcome to a world of Musical Adventure! Superstart! Music is the fun, innovative, and educational way to introduce your child to the treasures of classical music. It celebrates the subtle nuances of different instruments, melodies, and orchestras; and shows children how to develop an appreciation for music. You'll be amazed at the way children will learn and recognize famous musical selections after playing these games! It's a delight to watch them have fun putting their musical ears to the test!

Memory Games: -- Exciting twists to a familiar game & learn with sounds and pictures.
Find Me on the Tree Games: Match the sounds that the three birds make with the sounds of the birds in the tree.

Listening Room: -- Drag and drop a record onto the gramophone to enjoy listening to your classical favorites.

Orchestra Games: -- Match musical sounds to musical instruments. Animated animals play the instruments if the match is correct! When all of the instruments are matched, the animals will play together as an orchestra!

Musical Jigsaw Puzzle Games: -- Listen to famous pieces from Mozart and decide which musical instruments are used in the composition.

Mozart's Biography: -- Discover the fascinating life of the great composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Kids develop skills in:
o Memory
o Logical Thinking
o Sound Discrimination
o Differentiating Musical Instruments
o Music Vocabulary

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