Millie & Bailey Preschool

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This special collection of eight activities from Millie's Math House and Bailey's Book House contains specially selected activities that offer students grade-specific, multi-subject learning tools to develop their skills and confidence in school.

Ages 3-7

Special features include Explore & Discover and Question & Answer modes that carefully balance independent play with directed learning and positive, gentle feedback that guides students to success.

Learning Opportunities

• Language Development
Phonics, Letters (upper- and lowercase), Rhyming, Written Communication, Understanding the Elements of a Story, Publishing, Editing

• Early Math Numbers
Similarities & Differences, Quantities, Size Relationships, Shapes

• Thinking Skills
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity & Imagination, Listening, Spatial Awareness, Following Directions

• Learn the Alphabet
Learn your ABCs with the animated, talking Letter Machine. At the touch of a letter, Dinosaurs dance and Rhinos rollerskate!

• Compose a Story
Write your own adventure--filled with spaceships, flying carpets and jungles--in Make-a-Story. Then, see or hear your story as many times as you'd like. You can even print it out as a storybook.

• Compare and Match Sizes
Little, Middle and Big need shoes! Help them try on boots, high tops, sandals, and slippers as you explore the concept of size.

• Explore Quantities
Learn about quantity and numbers as you choose up to ten rolling eyes, wagging tails, wiggling antennae, and other moving parts in Build-a-Bug.

• Express Yourself

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