Math Blaster Pre-Algebra (Download)

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Ages 9 & Up

Amazing Games for Adventurous Minds

Outwit Dr. Dabble and Save the World's Math Skills!

The world is losing math knowledge by the second, and all signs point to evil Dr. Dabble! Help Rave get to the root of this dastardly plot! You've got to outsmart the arch-villain and his Electrochemical Math Magnet. Collect fuses and power gems as you make your way through his treacherous and mysterious mansion, and restore math to the world!

Game Play
o High-energy games encourage kids to play longer and learn more!

o Comprehensive math lessons based on national education standards

Action-Packed Games Keep Kids Learning
o Unique scoring motivates kids to learn
o Learning levels advance to help kids achieve their personal best

Key Skills
o Computation using decimals, integers and rational numbers
o Solving word problems
o Ratios, proportions, and percents
o Translating mathematical expressions
o Applying order of operations
o Creating equations
o Graphing
o Manipulating positive and negative numbers
o Estimation
o Logical thinking

o Over 15 essential skills
o Over 4000 word problems, 9 targeted activities
o 3 levels of skill-based adventure
o Printable puzzles

Download Size: 130 MB

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium® II 350 MHz or faster processor
64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)