Marketing Builder 2.2 (Download)

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See the returns on your marketing investment!

MarketingBuilder is a practical, down-to-earth marketing tool. This isn't an academic explanation of marketing concepts from 10,000 feet above, but the ground-level information you need to sell your products and services, and get the best possible return on your investment. Sure, we give some theory behind the action—and some "guerrilla-marketing" tactics—but the tools inside MarketingBuilder apply real experience to help you actually get the job done successfully. We've also incorporated sophisticated analysis tools so you can evaluate what's worked for you, and see where you might need to make some changes.

"We don't have the resources to afford a marketing staff. It's a one-man show here, and I'm it. Now I feel and look like I have a staff of experts." —Andrew Morse, Marine Conservation Institute

This is the original marketing software. It's recommended by more experts, entrepreneurs, and by customers to our customers. For many good reasons. MarketingBuilder has been around the longest. MarketingBuilder has more success stories and rave reviews behind it than all the others combined. For your marketing program, this is the perfect set of planning and analysis tools.

5 Marketing Plans for:
• Business-to-Business • Consumer Product • Consumer Service • Non-Profit Organization • Retail Store

27 Exclusive Tools for:
• Planning & Analysis • Internet Marketing • Product/Service Dept. • Advertising & Marketing • Public Relations • Sales & Strategic Alliances • Forecasting & Budgeting • Management & Strategy • Branding & Positioning

How does it work?
• Follow interview process • Choose sections to include • Fill in variables & more • Create by editing samples • Activate the spreadsheets • Print plans and reports

Who should use this?
• Ad Agencies/Executives • Biz Development Managers • CEOs, CFOs, Analysts • E-commerce Managers • Marketing Managers • Not for Profit Managers • Product Managers

Download Size: 125 MB

Windows® 10, 8, 7
* 25 MB free hard disk space
* Printer recommended