Maestro™: Music of Death

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The mystery of music and death!

A mysterious illness has broken out and is causing an entire village to age rapidly and die! Meanwhile, ominous music can be heard wafting through the air…. Journey to the quarantined village to find the cause of the deadly disease and rescue a little girl who is trapped in the town!

* Uncover the horrifying truth and save the village
* Explore the eerily deserted city
* Solve a variety of unique puzzles
* Can you stop the music?

ESRB: E 10+ for Everyone Ages 10+
Alcohol Reference, Mild Blood, Mild Violence

Windows® 10, 8, 7
1.4 GHz or faster processor
1024 MB RAM
509 MB free hard disk space
8 MB video card
DirectX® 9.0 or higher