Living Books: Stellaluna by Janelle Cannon

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AGES 3-8

Even small children can find their way around easily.

“How can we be so different and be so much alike?” mused Flitter.

Of course, from Stellaluna’s perspective, Flitter the Bird has some pretty curious tendencies, too. Like landing upright. And eating worms instead of mangoes. But those are just a few of the many surprises to be found in this Living Books adaptation. And the best part is, like all products from Living Books, your child gets to direct, using only a mouse.

Over a dozen clickable animated surprises are waiting to be discovered on every page. The tree is obvious…the monkey isn’t—until you click on it!

Words become highlighted as they are read aloud. Miss a word? Just click on it to hear it again.

Even small children can find their way around easily, with just a click of the mouse. Younger children can select “Read to Me” mode, too.

Vegetarian Bats?
A special quiz section has all sorts of fun, fact-filled answers—with three levels of difficulty to choose from.

Africa included.
Spectacular views of it, anyway, thanks to some beautifully-detailed illustrations.

Skills Developed
• Word Recognition
• Increased Vocabulary
• Reading Comprehension
• Computer Literacy

Windows® 7 (32-Bit Only)