Kid Phonics 2

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Ages 6-9

Builds reading skills through song and games!

Helps your child become a great reader!

Saddle up for learning fun!

With Kid Phonics 2, your child will confidently progress from sounding out words to building whole sentences. Seven engaging activities teach everything from reading basics to advanced concepts such as prefixes, suffixes, silent letters, homonyms, and more! Games, a host of captivating characters, songs, and surprises will provide your child with a rip-roaring reading experience.

• Clear, digitized speech
• Seven original musical compositions (also play on audio CD players)
• Customizable activities allow you to focus on specific phonics skills
• Hundreds of fun, animated click-and-explore surprises
• Wild West Print Shop prints sentences and graphics newspaper-style
• Helps your child become a great reader!

Kids become better readers by:
• Differentiating among letter sounds
• Connecting sounds to clusters of letters
• Building clusters of letters into words
• Using words in context sentences
• Understanding homonyms
• Identifying silent letters and discovering their effects on words
• Understanding prefixes and suffixes

Windows® 7 (32-Bit Only)
• Pentium® II 233 MHz
• 32 MB RAM
• 5 MB free hard disk space