JumpStart® Preschool (Download)

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Ages 2-4

There's No Stopping a Kid with a JumpStart!

Leap to an early understanding of letters, numbers, shapes and colors in a colorful classroom bursting with songs and animation! Packed with more learning activities than most other educational programs, JumpStartÆ Preschool has 10 irresistible interactive puzzles, games and play areas.

Kids Learn:
o Letters
o Numbers
o Shapes
o Colors
o Listening Skills
o Music
o Phonics

Continuous Challenge
The program monitors successes and attempts in each activity, automatically adjusting the difficulty levels. Tracks the progress of multiple children.

Endless Fun
Creative games, delightful activities, and happy songs keep children involved for hours of learning fun.

Download Size: 152 MB

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium® II 300 MHz
128 MB RAM
100 MB free hard disk space