Jewel Wizardry (Download)

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Addictive gameplay & stunning graphics!

A comet has exploded across a beautiful world of magic, and as the wizard protector of the land, it's up to you to collect the cosmic debris. As you search for the scattered gems, travel from serene winter wonderlands to lovely moonlit forests where lightning bugs dance among lush foliage and fish dart through crystalline waters. Clear each area by covering the shattered comet crystals with magical pieces of the same shape and color. New pieces will appear constantly, so even with a magic wand to help you clear crystals you can't match, you'll need to be quick as well as clever to fulfill your quest. The fate of this enchanting world lies in your hands!

• 2 game modes
• 70 levels
• Unique scrolling game world
• Enchanting locations
• Atmospheric graphics and sound effects

Download Size: 11 MB

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium II 300 MHz processor or faster
40 MB free hard disk space
16 MB 3D video card
DirectX® 8.0 or better
DirectX®-compatible sound card & speakers