DK: I Love Math!

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Ages 7-11

Turn Math Frustration Into Math Fun! Software that Grows with Your Child!

Boost Math Grades!
o Personalized Learning Adapts to Individual Needs!
o Real World Problems Develop Critical Thinking Skills!
o Game-Play Excitement Ensures Learning Motivation!

Core Curriculum Topics
o Addition & subtraction
o Multiplication & division
o Shapes & geometry
o Fractions & decimals
o Percentages & ratios
o Word problems
o Measurement
o Time & money
o Analyzing graphs & tables
o Pre-algebra
o And more!

Grade-Raising Features
o Over 250 math topics
o Covers curricula for grades 2-5
o 3,000 math problems prepared by experts
o 2 million arithmetic questions
o 6,000 math help pop-ups
o Progress tracking
o Intelligent software for personalized learning
o 6 exciting games
o Multiple game-play options

Rescue your math grades while you save the world!

Take Off on a Math Adventure! -- Mastering math becomes fun-and-games as you travel back to the ancient worlds of Atlantis, Greece, Egypt and the Aztecs.

Raise Math Scores! -- All the lessons and problems are based on core curriculum topics to match what kids are learning in school.

Adjusts to Your Ability! -- Automatic tracking responds to your childÕs progress, so kids move ahead when they excel and get extra practice when they need it.

Targets Key Areas! -- Over 250 topics cover 4 grade levels to target individual problem areas. Plus, over 6,000 help pop-ups provide extra reinforcement.

Windows® 10, 7