Home Bartending 101 Tropical & Exotic Drinks (Download)

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A video guide to making exotic alcoholic drinks!

Create the coolest drinks in just a few easy steps! Whether you're throwing a party, entertaining a few friends, or just looking to try something new, 101 Tropical & Exotic Drinks offers techniques and tips to suit every occasion. What liquor goes in which type of glass? How do you use mixes and garnishes? Learn how to mix the most exotic drinks at your own bar, with advice on equipment, ingredients and expert preparation.

Print out any of the over 450 recipes that our experienced bartender serves up for you. Most recipes take only a few simple steps and are a snap to learn. Then test your drink-mixing skills with the included bonus bartending game.

o Includes cocktails, snacks and party ideas
o Easy-to-follow video instructions
o 101 drink recipes
o Video demonstrations

Windows® 10, 8, 7

Download Size: 521 MB