Hard Drive Cleaner

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Clear out hard drive clutter!

Delete unnecessary files from your computer!

Nearly all software produces unnecessary temporary files that can decrease the speed of your system. With SelectGuard's Hard Drive Cleaner it's easy to find and delete outdated files, even on external drives and removable media. Automatically search by file type and edit the exceptions list to protect files that should not be deleted under any circumstance. Plus, it's easy to retrieve discarded files in case you change your mind!

o Easy-to-use interface
o Fast search engine
o Undo function using the Recycle Bin
o Configurable exceptions list
o Schedule automatic cleanings
o Search on any re-writable media
o Choose what kind of files can be deleted
o Low system resources required
o Install the program on hard drives, USB sticks or nearly any other rewritable media and take it wherever you go

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium III 700 MHz or faster processor
10 MB free hard disk space