Fabulous Waterscapes 1 Motion Loops (Download)

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60 premium quality stock video seamless motion loops

With 60 beautiful seamless motion loops to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect video to add a spark of excitement to your trailers, pre-roll, apps, and games — any project you can imagine! You choose how long you want the loop to last. The flexibility of a seamless loop allows you to save space, too.

* 60 Videos
* Premium Quality Seamless Motion Loops
* 800x600 or 720x540 Video Resolution
* QuickTime® MP4 Format

Afternoon Ripple
Atlantic Light
Atlantic Rays
Blue Glow
Blue Lagoon
Blue Ripple
Blue River 2
Blue Stream
Bright Dark
Bubble Rising
Clear Blue
Clear Pool
Cold Falls 1 & 2
Country Falls
Cut Through
Dark Blue River
Dark Waters
Deep Blue
Deep Lagoon
Driving on Ice
Dusk Light
Dusk Ripple
Energy Flow
Fast Flow
Fast Stream
Fly High
Fountain 1, 2, 3 & 4
Giant Falls
Gold Water Stars
Green Pond 1
Green Water Star
Lago Lake
Late Swell
Light Rays
Liquid Leaves
Martian Sea
Mercury Drop
Mexico Rapid Water
Morning Mist Water
Nighttime Pacific
Northern Stream
Northern Water
Ocean Top
Oil Over Water
Oil Rainbow
Open Ocean
Orange Glow
Orange Ocean
Over Sea 1

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