DK: Encyclopedia of Our Living Oceans

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An interactive guide to the seas

Ages 12 & Up

Dive into the Ocean's Complex Depths!

Climb aboard a research center, and learn about the dolphins, turtles, plankton, and other organisms that call the open seas home. Dive into the abyss to explore recently discovered underwater oases. A boat ride or walk along the shore reveals the distinct ecosystems on rocky and sandy coasts. This comprehensive resource includes articles on the history of oceanography, marine biodiversity, and the unique plants and animals that inhabit two-thirds of the planet. The oceans come alive with videos, photos, text, and interviews with marine specialists.

A "Whale-Load" of Information! -- In-depth information about whales and many other species.

Protect Underwater Treasures! -- Understanding the human impact on coral reefs and their inhabitants will inspire and teach students how to preserve delicate ecosystems.

Follow in the Wake of Famous Oceanographers! -- Eight world-renowned scientists present the latest research and pose questions for further investigation.

o Created under the scientific direction of UNESCO and the National Museum of Natural History (Paris)
o 16 in-depth articles
o 450 photos
o 175 marine fact sheets
o 100 species profiles
o 3D animations
o 45 minutes of videos

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium® II 75 MHz or faster processor
10 MB free hard disk space