DK: The New Way Things Work

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Learn about mega machines, amazing inventions, and cool gadgets!

Ages 8 and Up

From the earliest tools to the latest technology...
Bursting with cool machines, packed with movies and animations, and loaded with all kinds of gizmos, this journey with author/illustrator David Macaulay explores the fascinating world of history's greatest inventors and explains the workings of more than 150 of their machines and inventions. Visit the Mammoth Storeroom packed with postcards, stationery, sounds, and pictures; or travel with the Great Woolly Mammoth as you uncover the most brilliant and significant inventions from 7,000 BC to the present. Includes a virtual landscape full of clickable items, a 3D terrain map with thousands of links to help you resolve the most puzzling scientific questions—plus you can visit the Mammoth School House to test yourself on all the new and interesting knowledge you've just gained!

* 25 videos featuring David Macaulay
* More than 300 animations
* 24 Mammoth Movies
* 3D illustrated landscape
* More than 70,000 words of text
* 1,000 illustrations
* More than 1,000 full-color screens and pop-ups
* Over one hour of narration and sound effects
* Interactive Science Test
* Learn 22 basic principles of science
* Fully searchable index
* Links to related concepts and principles

Windows® 10, 8, 7
233 MHz or faster processor