DK: Punctuation Made Easy™

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Ages 9–14

An Interactive Game Format Makes Learning Punctuation Fun!

An Interactive Punctuation Lesson Hosted by Fun, Animated Game Show Hosts!

Teach, Practice, Implement, Test
Using the dynamic and engaging approach only a multimedia format can offer, these presentations move beyond traditional textbook diagrams and static rules to create lessons that instruct and assess progress. Tutorials then target exactly where progress is needed. There's also a Teacher/Parent Section where individual student progress reports can be viewed. With Punctuation Made Easy students can work independently to master these basic skills, and with the time-efficient teacher/parent oversight, create key building blocks for writing and communicating more effectively.

* Diagnostic testing
* Intelligent software identifies strengths and weaknesses
* Comprehensive and individualized progress charts
* Easy-to-understand explanations
* Instant feedback exercises

Topics Include:
Apostrophes: Contractions, Possession, Plural Nouns, Possessive Pronouns
Commas: Lists, With Periods, Apposition
Brackets, Hyphens, Dashes, Capital Letters & Periods: Ending a Sentence, Abbreviations, Beginning Sentences, Proper Nouns
Semicolons & Colons: Separating Clauses, Semicolons in Lists, Introducing Lists
Question Marks & Exclamation Points: Question Words, Direct Questions, Indirect Questions, Short Expressions
Quotation Marks: Direct Speech, Inside Punctuation, Dialogue

Windows® 10, 8, 7
233 MHz processor