DK: I Love Science!

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Turn Science Frustration into Science Fun! Software that Grows with Your Child!

Ages 7-11

Boost Science Grades!
o Real World Science Activities Cover Standard Curriculum Topics!
o Interactive Experiments Develop Scientific Thinking Skills!
o Game-Play Excitement Ensures Learning Motivation!

Core Curriculum Topics
• Physics–Electricity, Gravity and Simple Machines
• Biology–Human Body, Plant Growth and Food Chains
• Chemistry–Physical States, Crystals, Heating and Cooling
• Earth and Space Science–Water Cycle, Planets, Sun and Moon
... and More!

Grade Raising Features
• Covers curricula for grades 2–5
• Over 100 experiments
• 1,000 science problems
• 60 off-computer experiments
• Developed by science education experts
• Parent help and print-outs

Send your science grades soaring and have a blast doing it!

Think Like a Scientist! -- The best way to learn science is hands-on. Over 100 interactive experiments makes it fun (and safe) to do!

Boost Science Grades! -- I Love Science reinforces the topics you're studying in school, so your grades go up and up!

Track Your Progress! -- Pick the topics you want. Progress at your own rate. And keep track of your scientific accomplishments!

Learn Scientific Principles! -- In three labs you'll discover amazing facts and important principles about the everyday science all around you.

Windows® 10, 8, 7
33MHz processor or faster
20 MB free hard disk space