DK: I Love Phonics

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Success in Reading Starts Here!
* Develops Key Phonics Skills with Proven Step-by-Step System!
* Encourages Reading Progress with Fun-Filled Games & Activities!
* Provides Personalized Learning by Adapting to Individual Needs!

Software that Grows with Your Child!

Ages 4–7

Build rock solid phonics skills in five fun-filled activities!

Listen & Learn!
Which animal goes "quack"? Which one starts with the 'P' sound? It's the first step towards reading!

Bingo! You win!
Compete in this skill-boosting bingo game. And learn to instantly recognize consonants, vowels and blended sounds!

Learn Essential Sounds!
Learn phonemes as you slide letter clusters and combinations into place to make over 300 words!

Get on Track!
Green light! Move Letterbod along the track to learn the correct way to form all 26 letters!

Phonics-Building Features:
* 5 phonics-teaching games
* 2 modes to choose from: sequential or customized
* Proven step-by-step approach
* Multiple learning levels
* Over 300 essential vocabulary words
* All 44 phonemes of the English language
* Developed by education experts
* Detailed progress tracking
* Parental control provides personalized learning

Key Features:
* The alphabet
* Letter recognition
* Sound recognition
* Short & long vowel sounds
* Consonants & their clusters
* Phonemes
* Segmenting words
* Blended sounds
* Reading & spelling
* And much, much more!

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium 75MHz or better