Code Head X-treme Culture

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ages 10+

The Mind-Bending Quiz Fest

Take Culture to New X-Tremes!

Ready for an all-out assault on your senses that will truly put your brains to the test? Answer questions that stretch your mind to the limit. From history to geography and beyond, go for it against the computer or your friends, and claim the victory that is so rightfully yours. So get your game on and get set to push your head to the x-treme!

Mix ‘n’ match features to create your own personal game contestant look.

Choices, choices, choices—just pick one already!

Think you know the answer? Outsmart the host and watch your points soar.

• X-Treme Culture: Test your knowledge of history, geography, language arts, and more!
• Code Head Competition: Play against your friends and family!
• Code Head Original: Create a game look that’s totally you—pick your eyes, pick your hair (but you can’t pick your nose)!
• Word Rap: Take control of the game playing Word Soup, Scramble-de-Bob, Sequence This, and more!
• X-Treme Strategy: Hex your competition and snag their points by betting against them!
• Fast-Paced Game Play: Battle through lightning-fast rounds that treat your head to a fresh, tingling sensation!

Windows® 8, 7
Pentium® 166 MHz or faster
50 MB free hard disk space