Code Head Calculated Risk

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ages 10+

The Mind-Bending Quiz Fest

It’s Time to Get Calculating!

Got that tingling sensation deep in your brain? Race against the clock to answer tons of questions that test your knowledge of math, technology, and scientific info. Go for it against the computer or your friends, and steal the game right out from under ’em. Now, with victory so close you can practically taste it, just how much are you ready to risk?

You look marvelous! Choose from a ton of features to create your own identity.

So many categories, so little time! Play with friends and family in this battle of the minds.

Beat the clock and watch your score grow. If you snooze, you lose!

• Code Head Quiz Fest: Wrap your head around questions about technology, math, and science!
• Multiplayer Competition: Play against your friends and family!
• Code Head Original: Create a game look that’s totally you—pick your eyes, pick your hair (but you can’t pick your nose)!
• Fast-paced Game Play: Get into the game playing Scramble-de-Bob, 1-2 Punch, Cha-Ching, and more!
• Strategize and Win! Bet against your opponents and snag their points!
• Never the Same Game Twice: Loads of rounds that give your head that tingling sensation every time!

Windows® 8, 7
Pentium® 166 MHz or faster
50 MB free hard disk space