Cluefinders: The Incredible Toy Store Adventure!

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Ages 7-10+

2 CDs

It's a maze of mystery in the ultimate toy store!

Navigate through a maze of gigantic toys and build 3rd and 4th grade skills.

A mysterious shrinking device zaps the ClueFinders to three inches tall, and suddenly they are trapped inside a toy store. As you venture through the aisles collecting clues to solve this riveting mystery, master your skills in math, language arts, geography, and problem solving.

San Francisco Mystery!
• Drama unfolds as the ClueFinders battle to save the City by the Bay.
• Trouble lurks around the corner of every aisle in the toy store.
• Unlock the truth behind the mysterious shrinking device.

Second CD: Mystery Mansion Arcade
A secret mastermind and four villainous cohorts have lured the ClueFinders to a sinister-looking house. It’s a trap! Help them escape their arcade challenges and reveal the startling identity of the mastermind!

MATHEMATICS • Addition • Subtraction • Multiplication • Division • Estimation • Pattern Recognition • Using Money • Fractions • Time • Algebra

LANGUAGE ARTS • Spelling • Reading Comprehension • Parts of Speech • Grammar • Punctuation • Word Decoding

SCIENCE • Ecology • Environmental Study • Hypothesizing • Experimentation • Observation

SOCIAL STUDIES • Mapping • World Geography • Using Legends • Longitude and Latitude • Coordinate Grids

PROBLEM SOLVING • Logical Thinking • Deductive Reasoning • Strategizing • Spatial Relationships

SPECIAL FEATURES • 4 Skill Levels • 30+ Skills Covered • Five Fun Clue Spots • Closed Captioned

A PERSONALIZED LEARNING EXPERIENCE • Places your child at just the right skill levels • Adjusts to keep pace with your child’s abilities • Provides help when your child needs it • Tracks your child’s progress in every area

Windows® 10, 8, 7
• Pentium® 300 MHz or faster
• 128 MB RAM
• 100 MB free hard disk space