ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures

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AGES 9-11+

Explore a Mysterious Volcanic Island and Build Essential 5th Grade Skills

A sudden tsunami has shipwrecked the ClueFinders on a volcanic island and Owen and Leslie have disappeared! Explore and learn the secrets of the island's castaways to solve the mystery. Build reading, geography, history, math and science skills on this perilous journey across the island, under the sea and into the volcano! Then, mastermind a brilliant rescue before the volcano blows!

MATH & FRACTIONS Combine the fractions in this underwater cavern to reconnect the worm's air tubes!

VOCABULARY Choose your words and letters carefully to cross safely over the catwalk!

SCIENCE & CIRCUITRY Fix the mini-submarine's damaged circuits, then explore the ocean floor!

GEOGRAPHY & MAPS There is only one safe path to the hidden CrypTiles. Chart your course carefully!

LANGUAGE ARTS Transform the words to create the CrypTiles you need to solve the puzzle.

READING & HISTORY Place the tales of the castaways in the correct order to tell a meaningful story.

MATH • Multiplication • Division • Fractions • Geometry • Functions

LANGUAGE ARTS • Reading • Comprehension • Spelling • Vocabulary • Verb Tenses • Antonyms • Synonyms

SCIENCE • Physical Science • Life Science • Ecology • Environmental Awareness

SOCIAL STUDIES • U.S. Geography • Longitude & Latitude • U.S. & World History • Cultural Diversity

PROBLEM SOLVING • Logic • Visual Reasoning • Critical Thinking

SPECIAL FEATURES • 16 Interactive Activities • 85+ Skills Covered • 4 Skill Levels • Detailed Help • Progress Reports

Windows® 10, 8, 7
• Pentium® 300 MHz or faster
• 128 MB RAM
• 100 MB free hard disk space