ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures

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Ages 8-10+

Enter an Ancient Egyptian Pharoah's Tomb and Build Essential 4th Grade Skills

The ClueFinders, led by an eccentric but lovable professor, are on an archaeological dig in ancient Egypt. There they uncover a sinister plot to unleash an ancient force upon the world. Learn math, reading, science, geography and problem solving—and help the ClueFinders prevent disaster!

MATH & EQUATIONS Solve problems with decimals as you stack column sections to build a little palace.

VOCABULARY Spell your way across the chasm. One wrong letter can spell disaster!

SCIENCE & LOGIC Use knowledge of mass, force and angles to build a bridge. Watch out for crocodiles!

GEOGRAPHY & MAPS Master U.S. and world geography as you help ship packages around the world.

PROBLEM SOLVING Use the jewels in Joni’s backpack to complete the pattern on the palace doors.

READING Build reading comprehension as you interpret written passages to earn clues.

MATH • Multiplication • Division • Addition • Subtraction • Word Problems • Fractions • Decimals • Charts & Graphs

LANGUAGE ARTS • Reading Comprehension • Vocabulary • Parts of Speech • Grammar • Spelling

SCIENCE • Life Science • Earth Science • Physical Science

GEOGRAPHY • Major Countries • U.S. Geography • Maps & Legends

PROBLEM SOLVING • Logical Reasoning • Hypothesis Testing • Pattern Recognition

SPECIAL FEATURES • 21 Interactive Activities • 60+ Skills Covered • 4 Skill Levels • Detailed Help • Progress Reports

Windows® 10, 8, 7
• Pentium® 300 MHz or faster
• 128 MB RAM
• 100 MB free hard disk space