Bug Shot (Download)

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Save the ant kingdom from an insect invasion!

Life is quiet in the ant colony where you live...until a horde of evil insect forces attack! Now, your queens have been kidnapped and it's certain doom for you and your fellow ants unless you can protect the colony's few remaining eggs. But don't worry--you're outfitted with more than enough firepower for the job. From shotguns and bazookas to guided missiles and air strikes, you'll be able to exterminate your enemies with extreme prejudice. All you need a quick trigger finger and the nerve to stand up to dozens of dangerous creepy-crawlies!

• 13 power-ups
• 14 different enemies
• 39 levels
• Explosive audio
• 6 stunning backgrounds
• 6 bone-jarring weapons

Download Size: 12 MB

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium II 300 MHz processor or faster
40 MB free hard disk space
16 MB 3D video card
DirectX® 8.0 or better
DirectX® compatible sound card & speakers