Attractive Abstracts 1 HD 720p Motion Loops

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33 premium quality HD 720p seamless motion loops

With 33 beautiful seamless motion loops to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect video to add a spark of excitement to your trailers, pre-roll, apps, and games — any project you can imagine! You choose how long you want the loop to last. The flexibility of a seamless loop allows you to save space, too.

* 33 Videos
* Premium Quality Seamless Motion Loops
* HD 720p Video Resolution
* QuickTime® MP4 Format

3D Form
80s Spheres
Alien Ripples
Blue Haze Loop
Blur Night
Color Rays 1
Color Rays 2
Color Rays 3
Cube Spin 1
Disco Spikes
Distant Trip
Dream Tunnel 1
Electric Oil 1
Electro Liquid
Form Wave
Form Wave 2
Form Wave 3
Form Wave 4
Fractal 1
Fractal 2
Fractal 3
Fractal 4
Fractal 5
Fractal Flow
Fractal Lines 1
Geometric Shine
Glass Smash 1
Glowing Bounce
Glowing Orb
Green Spin
Hearts 1
Hexagon Glow