Arthur's Reading Race

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Ages 3–7

Marc Brown

Includes Three Fun Learning Games!

He reads, she reads, we all read for ice cream!

Of course, reading is the whole point behind Living Books, even for tots who haven't quite learned all their ABCs. That's why we have a narrator reading along, as the text to Arthur's Reading Race appears on screen. And since Living Books are both animated and interactive, chock-full of clickable surprises, there's a pretty good chance that your little one will happily sit through the whole thing.

Click on any one of the ice cream flavors and see some wild new culinary concoctions.

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, but this batch is particularly friendly. Click on the jar to hear a cookie chorus.

Pal really flips over chocolate ice cream—just click on him and see!

Click on any word to hear it read aloud, or click on the ice cream cone (at top) to have the whole story read to you.

The I Spy game. -- I see something that teaches children to love reading. Can you spot it?

Reading Race game. -- Match a word to the picture and help Arthur and D.W. race to the Ice Cream Store.

Let Me Write! -- Drag pictures of items up to the paper tablet to form sentences, to help teach new words.

Windows® 8, 7 (32-Bit Only)