Arthur's Preschool

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Ages 3-5


Packed with Learning and Fun!

Arthur's Preschool is the perfect combination of learning, fun, and helpful features. With 9 exciting learning activities and over 20 creativity activities, Arthur's Preschool teaches a full year's worth of preschool skills and entertains your child with limitless fun and learning!

Card Creator -- Create and print your own greeting cards and send them to friends.

Shapes & Colors -- Select the right color and size to put shadow shapes together.

Extra Personalization -- Arthur knows your name, favorite animal and color—he even knows your birthday!

Kids Learn
o Letter Names & Sounds
o Vocabulary
o Numbers & Counting
o Matching & Sorting
o Simple Arithmetic
o Music Composition
o Arts & Crafts
o Drawing & Coloring
o Shapes & Colors
o Recognizing Differences
o Following Directions

Special Features
o Multiple Skill Levels
o Auto-Leveling
o Progress Reports
o Personalization
o Automatic Help Messages
o Printable Activities

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium® 166 MHz or faster
40 MB free hard disk space